Electronic dance music duo Loud Luxury release their highly-anticipated six-track EP “Holiday Hills,” which is available to stream/download now via Armada Music.

After steadily teasing fans by releasing a number of catchy dance-pop singles from the EP, “Holiday Hills” finally see its debut featuring a diverse mix of singer/songwriters, producers, and rappers that include Cat Dealers, Drew Love, WAV3POP, Tyler Mann, and Thutmose.  

Encompassing the previously released tracks, “Red Handed” with Thutmose, “Wasted” featuring WAV3POP, “Safe With Me” featuring Drew Love, “Mistakes” with Cat Dealers, and the most recent “Lemons” with Tyler Mann, the EP also delivers its new title single, “Holiday Hills.”

“Holiday hills is the place you grew up.  It could be anywhere in the world. To us, it represents the idea of order, rules and being told no when you were younger. We think everyone dreams of going back to that place and turning it upside down. This EP is nothing more than our favorite songs, which we feel bring color to the dull, a party to the boring and chaos to the order. The neighbors can definitely hear us.“ 

Loud Luxury

Andrew Fedyk and Joe De Pace make up the Canadian production duo Loud Luxury.  They are known for their worldwide smash hit ‘Body’ (feat. Brando), which has received Platinum status in eight countries around the world.

Loud Luxury – Holiday Hills EP 

  1. Holiday Hills 
  2. Lemons featuring Tyler Mann
  3. Mistakes with Cat Dealers
  4. Safe With Me featuring Drew Love
  5. Wasted featuring WAV3POP
  6. Red Handed featuring Thutmose