BLOND:ISH’s ABRACADABRA Records releases the second part of a two-part compilation titled, Human Nature (Night) which is available to stream/download now.

BLOND:ISH – Rio Secreto

Featuring 10 new tracks from artists in the ABRACADABRA family, Human Nature (Night) features releases by BLOND:ISH, Ameme, Hyenah and Wilson Kentura, Nico de Andrea, Baron (FR), The Soul Brothers, Francis Mercier, and Emvafaya (feat. Bibi Den’s Tshibayi), Mòo & Jo, MIICHII, Raw Main, and Sasson & Nii Tei.  The compilation is a celebration of love inspired to keep the party vibe alive through times of uncertainty like the recent COVID-19 pandemic and is filled with dreamy soundscapes perfect for the night. This release follows ABRACADABRA Records’ Human Nature (Day) compilation released last month.

“With our current situation, we all, artists and community included, are deeply missing that connection with each other. That energy, from the music and moments we all shared, to the group hugs at the end of a set, are all so essential, and you can feel it all through every single track featured on this compilation. I got to play around with the tracks live during our Spring Fling Festival and I can’t wait for other artists to have the same transformative experience these tunes gave me.”

Vivie-Ann Bakos aka BLOND:ISH, founder of ABRACADABRA Records

ABRACADABRA is a female-powered collective focused on bridging the worlds of music and art with wellness and eco-activism.  For additional information on ABRACADABRA please visit its official Facebook Page.


  1. BLOND:ISH – Rio Secreto
  2. Ameme – Your Love
  3. Hyenah, Wilson Kentura – Cyprio
  4. Nico de Andrea, Baron (FR) – Kebali
  5. The Soul Brothers – Cenizas
  6. Francis Mercier, Emvafaya – Bolingo Nanga (feat. Bibi Den’s Tshibayi)
  7. Mòo & Jo – Chakra
  8. MIICHII – State Of Mind
  9. Raw Main – SandMan
  10. Sasson & Nii Tei – Verisma