Deep house artist Nora En Pure announces two NFT drops and her newest sonic endeavor, “Oblivion / Thermal” EP, which is available to stream/download via Enormous Tunes.

Nora En Pure – Oblivion

Kicking off the “Oblivion / Thermal” EP with atmospheric soundscapes, “Oblivion” is fueled by hair-raising anticipation and deep-house grooves. Featuring an ethereal vocal at the track’s drop, the release’s ominous vibes and piano melodies make it a true Nora En Pure production.  The EP’s second release, “Thermal” showcases the artist’s diversity as a producer with gorgeous uplifting elements and emotive violin and piano instrumentals. 

In accordance with this announcement, Nora En Pure made her debut in the world of digital art with the announcement of two NFT drops “Aurora Surrealis” and a  1-of-1 genesis piece via SuperRare titled “Connection.’”  In collaboration with HVY from the HEAVY Studio,  “Aurora Surrealis” was a free open edition NFT dropped on Nora En Pure and HVY’s social media channels and was an opening to the release, “Oblivion.”  Built around the dramatic drop in the track “Oblivion,” the NFT “Connection” digitally imagines the interconnection between all living things and music and will be made available via SuperRare.

This exciting space that crypto artists are embarking into encouraged us to imagine a surreal world where music & visuals immerse both people and nature in a bond of rhythm and sound. This connectivity to nature is something I strive to represent in all my compositions, and in this drop our environment and character connect and react to the sounds of ‘Oblivion’. We also wanted to introduce my followers to the digital art community, which is why we felt a free NFT drop would be a great intro to this exciting new movement.

Nora En Pure

To remain up-to-date with the Nora En Pure and HVY’s upcoming NFT drop “Connection,” please visit SuperRare here.