Brazilian producers Gui Boratto & Vintage Culture team up on a brand-new remix for Monolink’s introspective single, “The Prey” which is available to stream/download via Embassy One, Ultra Records (N&S America), and Sweat It Out (Aus & NZ).

Marking their debut collaboration, Gui Boratto and Vintage Culture put their own melodic house spin on the reflective original release.  With a rapid four-on-the-flour rhythm, the track pairs intoxicating vocals with cascading arpeggios to transform the production into a textured vocal dance gem.  Showcasing the producers’ diverse range, the track adds to Monolink’s expansive catalog of diverse remixes.

“The Prey” is expected to be featured on Monolink’s second studio album Under Darkening Skies, which will be released on June 11 via Embassy One / Ultra Records (N&S America) / Sweat It Out (AU & NZ). Fans can pre-order and pre-save the album here.

Steffen Linck, known artistically as Monolink is a German DJ, singer-songwriter and electronic dance music producer who specializes in ambient, techno, electronica and house genres. For additional information related to Monolink, please visit his official website.

Monolink – Under Darkening Skies

  1. Monolink – Laura
  2. Monolink – The Prey
  3. Monolink – We Don´t Sleep
  4. Monolink – Harlem River
  5. Monolink – Into The Glow
  6. Monolink – Otherside
  7. Monolink – Don´t Hold Back
  8. Monolink – Falling
  9. Monolink – Under Dark
  10. Monolink – Reflections
  11. Monolink – Regen (Interlude)
  12. Monolink – Take Me Away