Blockchain expert/EDM talent 3LAU teams-up with visual artist Slimesunday to create “The Iridescent Collection” NFT, which is currently available now via Nifty Gateway.

Featuring five audio/visual pieces, “The Iridescent Collection” combines unreleased music from EDM artist 3LAU with Slimesunday’s mesmerizing animation, making their first exploration of color.  There will be four Open Editions, “’FACES,” “FLOW,” “FLUX,” and “Auction Winner Picks Name,” and a 1/1 auction which is also called “Auction Winner Picks Name.”  As a first for the artists, the winner of the auction will receive naming rights for the piece (at the discretion of the artists) which will later be applied to the Open Edition NFT. The duo has also announced these will be the last SSX3LAU Open Editions ever minted.

“The Iridescent Collection” marks tthe return of SSX3LAU, a collaborative project between DJ 3LAU, aka Justin Blau, and visual artist Slimesunday. While 3LAU and Slimesunday have worked together for years with Slimesunday providing the cover art for many of 3LAU’s releases, their newest venture takes the relationship between audio and visual art to the next level. Slimesunday creates animated artwork soundtracked by 3LAU’s unreleased music resulting in NFTs. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital and blockchain-based collectibles that can be bought, sold, and traded on marketplaces using blockchain technology and in this case are rare pieces of digital art that cannot be replicated.

In late-February, 3LAU commemorated the three-year anniversary of his acclaimed Ultraviolet album, which became the first tokenized album by selling a record-breaking $11.6 Million in NFTs via an online auction.