Dance music artist Nora En Pure presents Purified Records’ first edition of its compilation series “Purified Selections” which is available to stream/download.

Showcasing a range of new and upcoming talent, the first edition of Purified Selections is an 11-track compilation of diverse soundscapes.  Kicking off with a compelling start, the release traverses a spectrum of bold sonic textures, cinematic elements, and intense basslines.  Featuring a range of deep-cutting tracks one would expect from the Purified Records imprint, the compilation soars into mystical realms with ambient instrumental selections to close out the album release. The compilation has all of the markings of a true Purified Records masterpiece that allows listeners to bask in all of its sonic glory.

Since its inception in 2019, Nora En Pure’s Purified Records has become one of the most reliable sources for dance music around the world.  The imprint spans a range of mellifluous sounds that crossover into deep, melodic, and tech-house genres.  Featuring a wave of budding new talent, the imprint has also released a slew of music from established acts Alex Breitling, Marius Drescher, Paradoks, and Return of the Jaded to name a few.  For additional information on Purified Records, please visit its official Facebook Page.

Purified Selections First Edition

  1. NASTAVI – Existence
  2. Chris Luno – Another World
  3. Enigmatic – Factal Dreams
  4. Heard Right, Floa – Tokyo
  5. Initial Eyes – Like a Picture on a Screen
  6. Namatjira – Katsu
  7. Boy North – A.D.I.A
  8. CallumCantSleep – Wave of Waters
  9. Enigmatic – Keralian Town
  10. Boy North – Break Me
  11. CallumCantSleep – Andara