MistaJam releases a brand-new uplifting single, “Good” featuring Kelli-Leigh which is currently available to stream/download via Dance NRG.

MistaJam – Good ft. Kelli-Leigh

Opening with striking piano chords and a powerful vocal by  Kelli-Leigh, “Good” is an inspiring house release with a positive message to focus on the light in times of darkness. “Good” marks the first collaboration between U.K. DJ/producer MistaJam and vocalist Kelli-Leigh and pays tribute to the resiliency of the human spirit.

 “I’ve known Kelli-Leigh for years but had never worked with her in the studio. I had made a beat that I thought she’d be perfect on, so I plucked up the courage to see if I could work with her on it. We got in the studio late in November in the company of Nick Sheldon and ‘Good’ was written in about an hour. We spoke about our life experiences that had led us to that point and realized that our lives took a turn for the good when we were willing to work from that place of good. You’ll never be alone when you get rid of your doubts or that negative energy holding you back. When you open up your heart to the good that exists, you’ll find the power to push through whatever life throws at you.”


It was such a great moment to finally get together with MistaJam in the studio to create a record. Nick Sheldon and I started vibing with some ideas and MistaJam wanted to create something to counteract all the negativity we’d been surrounded by from the news, television, Twitter, etc. So our aim was to create something positive & uplifting. I loved how MistaJam wasn’t afraid to delve into the words; so many dance records can take on simplistic lyricism, but this record was really about self-healing, growth, believing in yourself, and ultimately feeling ‘Good’. We could all use a bit of healing right now and I’m excited for this record to lift spirits.”


MistaJam is a five-time British Radio Academy award winner and is one of the U.K.’s leading radio tastemakers. The diverse artist holds a vast spectrum of releases that showcase a number of music-related disciplines. He continues to build his repertoire as a producer, writer, and artist through tracks on his Dance NRG imprint.