GusGus debut a brand new single “Stay The Ride” off their forthcoming album Mobile Home which is currently available to stream via Oroom.

GusGus – Stay The Ride 

Opening with the stunning vocal of the recently added member Margrét Rán, “Stay The Ride” features GusGus’s iconic sound with minimalist synth and indie elements.  The track marks the second debuted release and opening track off their forthcoming LP Mobile Home.  The music video for the lead single “Higher,” which debuted in October 2020, has already amassed nearly 500,000 views.

GusGus teamed-up with its founding members and creative directors Siggi Kinksi and Stéfan Árni (Arni & Kinski) to produce the music video for “Stay The Ride.”  Expected to be the start of a lasting partnership, the team will be working together ahead of the album release as more stunning visuals are expected to come in the near future.

Mobile Home is set to be one GusGus’s most ambitious and forward-thinking projects to date.  The 9-track LP welcomes a new member Margrét Rán of the Icelandic band Vök to deliver her poignant lyrics and vocals to the sonic masterpiece.  With a message that shines a light on materialism and distraction, Mobile Home is set to be a montage of short stories that unleash their hallmark sound in new illustrious ways.  For additional information on GusGus, please visit the band’s official website.