World-renowned DJ/producer Don Diablo releases a brand-new single, “Into The Unknown,” which is currently available to stream/download via his own imprint, Hexagon.

With lyrics that are both deeply emotional and poignant, “Into The Unknown” ventures in to Don Diablo’s emotional state in the midst of the global pandemic.  The artist’s haunting vocals resonate with distortion adding elements of mystery and suspense, which pair perfectly with the artist’s trademark sound that fans have embraced worldwide.

Don Diablo – Into The Unknown

Known to accompany his sonic offerings with remarkable video treatments, Don Diablo’s “Into The Unknown” music video further emphasizes the track’s ominous soundscape.  Shot in Amsterdam, the video shows a side to the artist that fans have never seen before as it pans from a hotel room to a club and uses mirrors to indicate the artist’s contemplative state of mind.

“I wrote and produced ‘Into The Unknown’ after spending countless days alone inside my house, without seeing any daylight, going outside, or seeing anyone. Growing up I spent most of my days alone. Inside. Creating sounds. Just me and my music. Not knowing what the future would hold. I have been making and releasing music from the age of thirteen and it will always be the biggest love of my life. This past year brought me back to that period in my life, a period of solitude as well as inner peace, away from all the chaos. Being on my own so much reminded me that I have always been living inside my own head, my own reality, my own zone. Not knowing what your next destination can be scary but it can also make way for new things, it can clear your mind. Creating new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone as a direct result of this pandemic has given me a sense of inner peace. Not knowing what the future will hold is okay, sometimes we have to embrace the unknown.”  

Don Diablo

Dutch DJ/producer Don Diablo has been using creative means to express himself through music, art, or fashion since the start of his career.  He has been coined with the term “the founding father of the future house genre” due to a trademark sound that is encapsulated in his own records and transcends into his lauded imprint Hexagon.  The artist boasts a diverse discography that spans every genre in the music spectrum with hit releases that include the recent, “Kill Me Better” and “Mr. Brightside.”  Voted in the 2020 DJ Mag Top 100 poll at the number six position, the artist has become one of the most desirable talents in dance music performing on the mainstages of Tomorrowland, EDC, Creamfields, Mysteryland, Lollapalooza, and Ultra Music Festival.  For additional information on Don Diablo, please visit his official website.

For additional information on Don Diablo’s Hexagon imprint, please visit here.