Grammy Award-winning artists Diplo & Mark Ronson collaborate on their latest Silk City release, “New Love” featuring Ellie Goulding, which is currently available to stream/download via Columbia Records.

Silk City – New Love (feat. Ellie Goulding) 

Featuring the catchy vocals of famed singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding, the uplifting release showcases the depth of Diplo & Mark Ronson’s production abilities as a duo. Capturing Diplo’s iconic dance floor vibes with Mark Ronson’s pop sensibilities, the track is perfectly paired to be both dancefloor and radio-friendly. 

“I’m always stoked to get back in the studio with Mark.  We’ve been constantly trading ideas since the start of Silk City and finally found the time to bring some of them to life. We came out with this classic house record and Ellie was kind enough to lend her voice to it.”


“I love the music that comes out when Wes and I get together. It has a joy to it that’s different from everything else I work on. I’ve known Ellie for over ten years, and it’s great to finally get to make something together. Her voice has such a pure tone that cuts through everything.”

Mark Ronson

“I’ve known Mark and Wes for years and it seemed only right to make a tune together, at a time where we all need to dance and be free, even if just in our kitchens. The song is about losing yourself on your own, not needing to be seen, knowing that the one that got away could be just as happy as this too. The main concept is dancing on your own not needing to be seen.”

Ellie Goulding

Diplo & Mark Ronson make up the production duo Silk City, which they named after the Philadelphia diner where they first met over 20 years ago.  Silk City was formed with an intention to pay homage to house, disco, and dance which became inspirational genres for both producers.  Having worked together in the studio since 2018, Silk City has released “Electricity” with Dua Lipa earning the duo a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording and went on to become certified Platinum in the U.S. and U.K.while topping a number of charts worldwide.