EDM-duo BOILERS announce the release of a remake of the worldwide sensation, “Kiss Me” which is currently available via OH2 Records here.


The remake, which opens with the track’s original vocals, is accompanied by guitar riffs that showcase the duo’s ability to produce heart-pounding work.  “Kiss Me” creates room for vibrant energy that merges perfectly with the vocal samples of its original. BOILERS use innovative production techniques throughout the track by manipulating frequencies, enveloping listeners with pulsating synths, and adding build-ups of groovy accompaniments.  “Kiss Me” marks the second release off Olivers Heldens’s brand-new imprint OH2, which caters to more commercial releases and streaming platforms.  OH2 rests within the family of Heldeep Records.

After releasing my own ‘Set Me Free’ on OH₂ Records last week, I knew the second track had to have huge potential to set the tone for all upcoming releases on my new label. I have a lot of faith in this track by BOILERS and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

Oliver Heldens

“Kiss Me” gained worldwide attention in 1999 when it reached second in the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed in the top 100 for 33 weeks.  It landed in the number one singles chart in Australia and Canada and peaked at number two in the United States.  It was used in June 1999 as the closing theme for the BBC One broadcast of Prince Edward’s royal wedding.  It is arguably one of the greatest hits of all time.

Anders and Andreas are the dance music producers that make-up the duo BOILERS.  Despite living on opposite ends of Denmark and never having met before in person, they have been working together through Zoom meetings during COVID-19 lockdown.