Andrew Pololos announced the release of the lead single, “Control” featuring JT Soul, off his forthcoming debut album Until We Dance. “Control” is currently available to stream on all platforms via Koo Koo Records here.

The track, which opens with a slight melody, lures its listeners in with JT Soul’s stunning vocals.  Merging into a deep house rhythm, “Control” showcases Pololos’s production ability with layers of synths coupled with heavy basslines.  The debut single has a contagious melody that is sure to make listeners yearn for dance floors worldwide and creates a stunning picture of what is to come from the upcoming debut album.

“I’m really excited to unveil the new album! It features many talented vocalists from around the globe; including JT Soul, who nailed the mysterious and alluring vibe on this one. I was looking for someone for about a year to mesh well with the Clapton Stratocaster and heavy bass line. It only took him about an hour to write the lyrics!” 

Andrew Pololos

Montreal-based DJ/producer Andrew Pololos has received global attention with over 100 performances at worldwide events in countries that include Australia, the Caribbean, Croatia, Greece, Hong Kong, and Mexico.  He has established a residency for The Yacht Week Worldwide and continues to captivate audiences with his groovy signature sound.  His expansive portfolio of music continues to grow as it garners thousands of streams across all platforms.