UK DJ and producer STANDERWICK expanded his partnership with Armada Music with the debut of his latest release, “Bringing Me Up” featuring Gid Sedgwick which is available to stream/download here.

Showcasing STANDERWICK’s versatility as a producer, “Bringing Me Up” takes on a more progressive and suspenseful sound.  From Gid Sedgwick’s soaring vocal to the radiant strains and minimal drops, the track shows a new side to STANDERWICK’s artistry.  The record is created with an intent to take listeners to new heights with each and every play.

STANDERWICK explains his new artistic direction for “Bringing Me Up,”

“Like most, I spent the first few months of lockdown getting to know my family again and being a dad. But when I got back into the studio, I felt more inspired and excited than I had ever felt before. I was passed a vocal topline from Armada featuring Gid Sedgwick, and it was really different and just what I was looking for. I love his tones and style. It was a little different from what I would normally work with, but it was perfect timing since I wanted to try other things and show some creative flair. It feels good to spread your wings every now and again, so I am really proud of this one and it has been a great pleasure working with Gid.”

“Bringing Me Up” marks a new, exclusive three-year agreement with Armada Music.  In response to the new partnership, STANDERWICK adds, 

“We are working closer than ever before and I feel proud to continue my relationship with them. I am nested with the biggest and best on this side of the industry and I am excited about the plans we have for both the short-term and the long-term future of dance music. Expect the unexpected.”

“STANDERWICK has been a member of the family for quite a while now, and we still get goosebumps from every track he puts out. We had a blast working with him over all these years and really wanted to add another chapter to our already amazing story together. We’re glad he felt the same and can’t wait to work closely together on a truckload of amazing music in the coming years.” 

Maykel Piron, the CEO of Armada Music

For additional information on STANDERWICK, please visit his official Facebook Page.