The UK’s #LetUsDance petition is being heard in parliament after receiving more than 145,000 signatures from its online campaign.

Launched by the Night Time Industry Association (NTIA) back in July, the initiative intends to raise awareness about protecting Britain’s nightlife industries as COVID-19 continues to spread and to further emphasize the importance of electronic music within the country’s culture. 

Garnering support from music and cultural sectors, more than 5,000 letters have been sent to raise awareness and a virtual protest has been launched with participants using the hash-tag, #DearBoris to ensure the industry is being heard.

“Our sector has been marginalized and continues to fight for survival. Recent announcements have given some light, but we have lost so many businesses, employees, and self-employed already, we are still in a very vulnerable state. Electronic Music is a huge part of the Night Time Economy and events sector and is a vital part of the UK’s cultural tapestry, but needs to be recognized and valued alongside Classic Arts and Live Music. We are renowned globally for our electronic music scene.

Our sector supports such a huge ecosystem of creative and talented people who are at risk of losing their livelihoods and their jobs, with the future hanging in the balance as venues are unable to re-open. And not forgetting the human element with growing pressures within the sector which are starting to impact the general wellbeing of individuals and their ability to cope, which is why it is so important to have an exit strategy and roadmap to re-opening.”

Michael Kill, CEO NTIA

Money from the Arts Council Culture Recovery Fund was opened to the dance music industry as a result of the pressure, but despite the recent announcement of an extension to the furlough scheme through to spring, it seems that more is needed to help an industry worth 6% of the UK economy. For additional information on #LetUsDance, please head to the NTIA’s official website.