The Argentine festival, Global Eclipse is refusing to reimburse ticketholders with refunds for the December 10-16 event, despite the fact that authorities are not letting international tourists into Argentina due to COVID-19.

Organizers of the EDM event refuse to issue refunds because the festival has not officially been canceled; however, there is still no way a vast majority of ticket holders can attend the event due to the restrictions being placed by the government. 

“We’ve had requests to ‘refund the money’ but it’s not possible to retrieve sunk costs for labour, and niche physical assets are not easy to sell in the downtrodden Argentine economy.

Humans are social beings. Isolation has taken a toll on all of us. We are meant to connect and we are meant to gather. We plan to do it safely in the best way possible.

We are producers with decades of experience who are 2.5 years into a three-year project and we’ve learned to prepare for permutations of earth, wind, and fire but none of us had ‘global pandemic’ on our 2020 bingo card.”

Global Eclipse Festival

Having been in the works for three years, many fans have purchased tickets before the Coronavirus pandemic hit.  Despite seeing the country hit almost one million cases in recent months, organizers of the festival announced that the Patagonian party will be taking place in Dec.  There is still much up for speculation because a lineup still has yet to be revealed for the festival.

Argentina has been enforcing one of the most stringent lockdowns in the world with regular internal flights set to resume for the first time since March this week. 

For additional information on Global Eclipse Festival, please visit the festival’s official webpage here.