The celebration for the new year started early as Grammy nominated duo SOFI TUKKER took the stage in a headlining performance to kick-off TILT’s new event series on Friday, December 29th at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Accompanying them on stage was fellow friend and piano house queen LP Giobbi, who joined in on a back-to-back performance and closed out the event, which made the evening all the more special.  

Teasing the audience with their breakout hit “Best Friend,” SOFI TUKKER amplified the energy to another level as Sofi Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern took the stage with a brazen performance of their recent smash release, “Drinkee.”  Sofi’s distinct alluring voice coupled with an ardent display of energy from Tukker behind the decks, on top of them, and on stage, created a high-octane vivacious performance that made revelers lose all sense of time. 

The galvanizing set championed an onslaught of their most notable releases, including “Jacare,” “Sacrifice,” “Original Sin,” “Forgive Me,” “Sun Came Up” and an enthralling performance of “Purple Hat,” as the crowd chanted along in tandem. Gliding across the stage in a display of dance routines with Bob’s Dance Shop, Sofi enraptured the audience with sensual vocals and captivating dance moves.  The duo also immersed the crowd in their performance of “Emergency” and premiered a number of tracks that were unsearchable including a special SOFI TUKKER revival of the popular 60’s Temptations release, “My Girl,” showcasing the dynamic range and talent of the duo.

Joining SOFI TUKKER on stage was LP Giobbi who injected their set with velvety piano chords and punchy house rhythms in a spellbinding back-to-back performance that only can be described as unforgettable.  The free-spirited artist showcased her versatility as heads turned as she went from from hard-hitting bass to buoyant jubilant house energy and closed out SOFI TUKKER’s set with their collaborative release, “If Love Is A Skill.” 

Seamlessly switching her sound to match the energy created alongside SOFI TUKKER and opener Chloé Caillet, LP Giobbi left the audience mesmerized with the boundless scope of her abilities.  She closed out the evening shifting from live piano chords to the decks while infusing samples from the Beatles, philosopher Alan Watts, and Goose’s reimagined vocal from “All I Need,” thus, creating one satisfying close to the memorable night.

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