Electronic music act Chris Malinchak joins UK singer-songwriter Stealth on an inspiring new single, ‘Closer Every Day’ that is available to stream/download now via Ultra Records.

Chris Malinchak – Closer Every Day

Opening with a gorgeous uplifting melody, “Closer Every Day” is a refreshing new dance release featuring the soulful vocals of Stealth. The track revitalizes the senses with its enchanting harmonies and is paired perfectly with a motivational message of perseverance. Both hopeful and inspiring, the record’s sun-kissed laid-back vibes make it an impeccable soundscape of the season.

“I was always a huge fan of Chris Malinchak, so when the opportunity came to work with him on his UK trip I jumped at the chance. We wrote ‘Closer Every Day’ about a journey, it’s long and tiring but every step gets us nearer to where we want to be. However, since the pandemic, it feels the song has a new deeper meaning. After such sacrifice, everyone has made we are slowly coming out the other side and getting closer every day to holding who we love.”


“Closer Every Day” follows Malinchak’s previous singles “The Wah Wah Song,” “Cellophane,” “Pick You Up,” “When the World Stops Turning,” “Somebody,” and “Happiness,” which are all set to be featured on the artist’s upcoming album Night Work, which is due to be released on July 16th.