Super8 & Tab released their recording label’s first compilation, Scorchin Sessions Volume 1 which is currently available to stream/download via Scorchin’ Records.

Sam Heyman – Corvus

Featuring 17 tracks that encapsulate Super8 & Tab’s iconic sound, the compilation features a diverse mix of progressive, chilled-out releases that include  “Lost Island” from BetweenUs, “Nessus” from Sam Heyman, “Each Of Us” by Angel One, and the recent release “Signal” from Nick Hayes to name a few. This announcement comes recently after Super8 & Tab launched its sister imprint, Scorchin’ Progressive.

“This must be the most unique mix compilation from us yet. Not only because it’s the first of its kind on Scorchin’, but also in terms of how much we’ve worked together with our artists. All 17 tracks have been exclusively made for the compilation and we’re super proud of our artists and how much effort & heart they put into them. Scorchin’ Sessions Vol.1 is a great showcase for what Scorchin’ Records have to offer in 2021.”

Super8 & Tab

Scorchin Sessions Volume 1 is an exciting new compilation mixed by Super8 & Tab that showcases where the two artists and their recording labels are headed in 2021.  For additional information on Super8 & Tab please visit their official website.

Super8 & Tab – Scorchin Sessions Volume 1:

  1. BetweenUs – Lost Island
  2. Sam Heyman – Corvus
  3. Angel One – Each Of Us
  4. Nick Hayes – Signal
  5. Francesco Sambero feat. Katrine Stenbekk – Someone Needs A Hero
  6. Zack Evans – Imri
  7. Tom Klay – Astronaut
  8. Mark Bester – Time
  9. Emerge – Insight
  10. Zack Evans – Skyborne
  11. Emerge – I Feel It
  12. Avenia & Jorza – Fever
  13. Reznor – How Could It Be (Ben McConnell Remix)
  14. With The Winds – Polaris
  15. Reznor – 2800 Miles (Reliquary Remix)
  16. HamzeH – Warlock
  17. Ben McConnell – Moonwake