Joachim Pastor kicks-off 2021 with a brand-new release, “Alaska” which is currently available to stream/download via Armada Music.

 Joachim Pastor – Alaska

Offering exciting twists and turns making it full-on electronica, “Alaska” is a euphoric, melodic track with a soothing beat that rises and falls like the ocean’s tides.  “Alaska” is scheduled to appear on Joachim Pastor’s highly-anticipated forthcoming album, as it becomes one of its most vibrant and evocative tracks featured in its class.  It is a flawless record that typifies Pastor’s trademark sound and sets the stage for what to expect from his awaited album.

“Alaska is a beautiful place. Its wild nature harmonizes with stunning landscapes, but it can also be a brutal environment with extreme weather conditions and dangerous wildlife. I produced my latest single ‘Alaska’ with that duality in mind; the hard and energetic synthesizers are balanced with the soft and more delicate guitars. Join me on this journey and explore the sound of ‘Alaska’.”

Joachim Pastor

French DJ/producer Joachim Pastor has been making a name for himself since signing with Armada Music.  His sound is inspired by the works of Daft Punk, Sonata Arctica, and Jean-Michel Jarre, with a melodious brand of electronica not easily found in dance music today.  With an intention to make listeners feel, his music is an expression of emotion with a danceable twist, endorsed by hundreds of thousands of fans on Spotify alone.  He can be sound performing at world-renowned events including Dour, Tomorrowland, Paleo, Olympia, Solidays, DGTL, Pleinvrees, and more.